The Crossed Paws Animal Shelter is a non profit all-volunteer organization, meaning that we receive no profit from any fundraisers, or donations that our shelter is given. All proceeds that we receive are used for the health and well being of the animals. We are also completely run by volunteers, not a single person is paid for their time and efforts.  We receive no funding from Monroe County or the state of Ohio.

The Crossed Paws Animal Shelter, is dedicated to the promotion of animal welfare in our community.  To improve the welfare of our fellow creatures we encourage the responsible ownership of pets through spay/neutering, humane care and proper education.

It is our goal to reduce the number of unwanted pets through spaying and neutering so that all pets born are wanted and have the homes that they so deserve.  

Our animal shelter is located at 41383 Stonehouse Road, Woodsfield, Ohio 43793.  You can reach our facility by telephone at 740-934-2693. As we are an all volunteer run shelter, please leave a detailed message with your name and phone number, and one of our dedicated volunteers will return your call as soon as possible.